Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Uncoming Utau: Jakku Desusugoi

as i said i before i will report news on of Utau's in production so as of the time i made this blog i already had a Utau in production so finally in this post i will give you the information Name: Jakku Desusugoi Languages: English, Spanish, Japanese Orientation: Bisexual Gender: male Jakku will have to voicebanks a Spanglish voicebank and a Japanese voicebank, and also i do not have a a Design for Jakku so i will have a art content so present your art on a file attached to a a email: Gtaiii90@gmail.com also i have parts of the design which i will list PUT THE STUFF ON THE LIST INTO THE DESIGN that is all. Design -Black beanie cap -one or two strands of sky blue hair coming out of beanie -T-shirt(Design can be whatever you want -shorts(any color you want) -white shoes with socks -Sky blue eyes Demos coming soon

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